Education and Career

As an employee at Mazars, you get a personal education plan and your own career. You get the opportunity to work with different areas and in other countries.

When you join Mazars, you will get an introductory course so that you can learn our history, culture, organisation and methods.

As a junior assistant you will receive an education plan for the first two years. The plan ensures that you will work with all our core business areas and a variety of customers. If you are a newly-appointed experienced employee, we will discuss our expectations and your goals and build your personal plan together.

We focus on ensuring that employees professional skills are continuously updated. Therefore, we organise individual education courses at all levels and take into account the individual's desire for specialisation.

Your performance will be assessed based on the tasks you have undertaken and will be in line with your personal plan. Based on the assessment, your education and career paths are determined. You will be given the opportunity to develop your leadership skills through our international education programs, including through Mazars University and our Executive MBA. 

New areas and other countries

Your Mazars career does not necessarily follow a straight line. After the first years, in addition to the standard tasks, you can also choose other areas of work. After you have been employed for three years, you have the opportunity to be posted in one of the countries where Mazars has offices. You will always be notified of which offices are looking for employees.

You can work in an established office or help create a new office. Postings usually last two to three years but can be extended.

You can also work with Mazars in other countries as short-term posting as part of our internship program or you can get your first job at one of Mazar's foreign offices (


As a member of Mazars you get a competitive salary, reflecting your performance and your ability to embrace our values.

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The advantage of working in an organization like Mazars is the opportunity for the many different tasks, and a high degree of flexibility, where I can have a personal influence on my daily work.

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