Sustainability strategy

We are actively working with social and environmental responsibility and sustainability throughout the organization and together with the our stakeholders.

Corporate Social Responsibility

It is in the roots of Mazars' history, to offer customers responsible solutions in respect of the individual customer's needs. Continually be looking for sustainable solutions are an integral part of our core values, identity and culture. Therefore, we feel it is natural actively to take social and environmental responsibility and sustainability throughout the organization and with the stakeholders we work with: our customers and suppliers, our employees and our communities.

We want to make a difference

We are responsible for ourselves and our surroundings

Development of sustainable services

Companies success is no longer measured solely by the yardstick of their financial performance. Mazars, alert to these developments, puts its expertise in audit ad consulting to good effect in supporting its clients in the implementation of effective CSR strategies, and offering them a range of responsible services, adapted to their specific needs based on an innovative approach and attuned to local cultural and legal settings. Following this, we are pleased to announce, that we are able to offer Human Rights Audit.

Reducing the climate change impact

Our commitment to protecting the environment forms a clear part of Mazars corporate citizenship, with an element of our CSR strategy dedicated to combatting climate change. In cooperation with our suppliers in Denmark we find products that are gentle to the environment. We committed ourselves to use ecologically friendly cleaning products. To the best of our effort we use both sides of paper when printing, and encourage employees to act and think environmentally conscious at work. Read more - how Mazars is committed internationally –

Respect for employees and job satisfaction

In the conviction that our partnership in truly enriched by the variety and mix of people who choose to join us, Mazars has activated a policy for promoting our most important resource – employees! To perform optimally it is important to be in balance with body and soul. In Denmark, we have an adapted health-policy and support staff sports initiatives. We find solutions that fit the individual employee. To follow the barometric of job satisfaction, we regularly make ​​welfare studies, and we give feedback by action.

Commitment to society and community

Since we at Mazars do not believe that an organisation’s performance can be measured solely by its financial and economic results, our concern for the general good goes far beyond the issues connected to our professions or our expertise. This is why we are naturally involved, wherever we are, in the life of the communities we work in, whether this means taking active part in society’s most pressing debates, or playing a key role in the success of initiatives designed to enhance solidarity and the continuity of ethical values. Mazars has historically participated in discussions and provide input for think tanks, supports specific education programs and by sponsorships and donations supported charity. In Denmark we obligate to charity by setting financial goals for our contribution and devote time to dress our employees to strive for their fellow human beings: i.e. by organizing regular first aid courses and, not least, teach students in personal finance.

Stories 2022. For Good

Reporting of your sustainable effort has never been more relevant.

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