Supporting the fight against breast cancer - We are stronger when we stand together

Every year, almost 5,000 people are affected by breast cancer. It mostly affects women and in Denmark is the most common type of cancer among women, at approx. ¼ of cancer cases.

With our donation we are supporting a wide range of research, from how cancer occurs, to how to promote a good life on the other side of the disease. Every year, the funds raised from supporting breast cancer go to a number of research projects that deal with breast cancer.

New research shows, among other things, that arthritis medication may be used against certain types of breast cancer and even give patients with Covid-19 a milder form of the disease. The results are the first from a new field of research that aims to reduce the level of medication that patients need to take and reduce the resulting side effects.

The data from the first experiments show that the researchers from the Danish Cancer Society seem to be on the right track in laboratory experiments, with drugs that kill both the aggressive breast cancer cells and in addition, they can also kill particularly aggressive ovarian cancer cells.

The researchers are now moving forward with the work that will provide answers to whether the new discoveries can be the first step towards new cancer treatments.

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