January - Eurest

We are continuously looking for sustainable solutions. In January we want to present the canteen of Eurest at Midtermolen, used by Mazars employees every day, who are always satisfied.

Eurest is part of Compass Group Denmark, they offer canteen solutions that are in line with our wishes for sustainable behavior and combatting climate change. Furthermore, we feel it is important for our employees to see every day in the canteen that a difference is made, especially in the fight against food waste.

Eurest's secret ingredient in all their home-cooked meals is their staff. Eurest's food-loving team, who we meet every day, have a great love for cooking and a passion for delivering the "best for the best" - sustainable meals that bring satisfaction and enjoyment.

They use tasty, healthy ingredients from sustainable and ethically responsible suppliers. A Danish plum is now best in season. There are many good reasons to serve produce that is just "outside our door" and is of the best quality. They are mainly limited to the Danish and European seasons, so they ensure variety without having to import raw ingredients that have been on a long journey.

In particular they are actively working on the following sustainable solutions:

  • The food waste program Trim Trax, which allows Eurest to document the continuous reduction in food waste, including daily weighing of food waste and weekly follow-up
  • Every day, all canteen guests have the opportunity to empty the buffet before closing time
  • Reusable plastic containers to "empty the buffet"
  • Buying and using "imperfect" vegetables that farmers usually throw out
  • Stop Food Waste Day (SFWD) is the Compass Group's official and worldwide anniversary day of minimizing food waste. On the last Wednesday of April, Eurest marks the day of nationwide awareness campaigns and local initiatives
  • In 2018, Compass Group Denmark entered into a strategic partnership with the consumer movement “Stop Waste of Food”. As a leading expert, founder Selina Juul has helped Compass Group and Eurest with valuable inputs and put food waste on the agenda of politicians, decisionmakers, businesses and individuals alike.

Variety and choice are "key words" for the fantastic team in our canteen, which provides the framework for their combination of traditional and modern food.

“We are happy to work closely with our customers when it comes to, for example, minimizing food waste, reducing CO2 emissions and using less of disposable packaging. Together we are so much stronger and in cooperation with Mazars we also challenge each other closely when we see that something can be done better or smarter.” – Compass Group Denmark

For more information about Eurest please visit Compass Group Denmark’s website here.