Our highly professional payroll team will work with accuracy, confidentiality and compliance on all your payroll matters and - above all - we will ensure your staff are paid on time.

Our service can include:

Payroll set up, processing and reporting

Whether you hire salaried or hourly paid employees, offering bonuses, pension schemes, company car, canteen facilities or the like, our experienced team deliver to your deadlines, ensuring the highest levels of accuracy, consistency and professionalism.

E-income administration

Our team ensure that you as employer is compliant with the requirements of the Tax Authorities and will ensure all returns, including eg. social security, holiday allowance, and maternity scheme, are made on time, every time to avoid any penalties.

End of year compliance 

Our team will reconcile each tax year and/or financial year and submit to you all required statements in order to substantiate and document the connection between submitted returns and the financial statements. We will assist you with calculations of mandatory obligations, including holiday allowances, etc. for recognition in the financial statements.

Payroll process review and advisory

Even if you are undertaking payroll processing in house you can still benefit from a review of your payroll processes, systems and calculations. This will focus on you having an efficient, reliable and compliant payroll operation.