We follow the political development in relation to NGO’s, and we have an updated overview of the specific conditions applied to the market both nationally and internationally.

Audit tasks for NGO’s require a different approach to financial and public administration issues than most other companies. Partly, because the purpose is often to have collected funds spread out quickly where they are most beneficial. Partly, because the society have high expectations for the performance and responsibility of NGO’s.

At Mazars you can get a range of services that comply with the specific needs you have as an NGO.

We offer auditing and accounting expertise, including effective statutory financial and public administration audit, consultancy in relation to legislation, reporting, financial management, internal controls, and receipt and use of public funds.

We offer consultancy on tax, including LL §8 A & 12, employment law, payroll tax and VAT/VAT compensation as well as issues regarding the management, including understanding of a fair and good management, social reporting, quality control, sustainable schemes and IT systems.

At Mazars, we want to contribute to more than an understanding of the main issues. We want to understand the particular values ​​that are the foundation of your company, as this also gives us a unique opportunity to offer you the best consultancy.