MAZARS supports the government’s action against Covid-19

To reduce the risk of infection, the government encourages private employers to ensure that as many people as possible work from home, take time off, or leave for holiday in compliance with contractual obligations to the company's customers, suppliers, etc.

At Mazars, we are aware of our role and commitment to take care of each other. We can work from home and still be in contact with our customers and business partners. We will do our best to maintain a normal level of service as far as possible. However, when contacting us, we kindly ask for your patience, as it cannot be avoided, that response time in some situations will be extended.

Physical meetings are encouraged to be held only if absolutely necessary. It is also encouraged to ensure other relevant measures to reduce the risk of infection at work.

You can contact us by email or via our website's contact form. Together we will find the best possible solution and cooperation for the next 14 days.

We thank you for the support.

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