For the last six months, Mazars has taken part to a global conversation led by The Economist Group which brought together experts to ask the critical question: “What does it take to be a Good Bank?”

The Good Bank report, published by The Economist Intelligence Unit and Mazars brings together the result of a live webcast debate, online discussion and research featuring the contributions of senior banking executives and financial services experts.

The discussions revolved around what are seen to be the pillars of a Good Bank:


  • Trustworthiness: how can banks regain the trust of a still skeptical public?
  • Innovation: a majority (52%) of those polled during the live, webcast debate believes that the most valuable innovations in banking are coming from outside the banks themselves.
  • Effectiveness: can banks provide the credit that economies require to grow and satisfy the needs of shareholders, regulators, depositors and the wider public interest?

Read expert views in the full report available free to download below and/or on http://www.managementthinking.eiu.com/good-bank.html-0


The Good Bank
The Good Bank