Employees must have a complete life

Managing partner Pia Lillebæk has a wish that we in the industry let us inspire by our audit method and that we take responsibility for not just to “survive” another busy season but THRIVE a complete life.

"Especially as a young person, I was often reminded that >Abilities Commit<. For a long time, I saw it as a burden - until I realised that it is also an opportunity to make a difference.

It’s easier to get engage when you're working on something you're interested in and good at, and it's much easier to see where the bumby roads lead when you're clear about where you're heading.

As an auditor, when you approach your audit, the first thing you need is to be confident about what you're facing. Based on this, you have a look at "significant & risky" areas and sharpen your attention towards these. In other words: curiosity, perspective, and prioritisation are quite important concepts.

In our industry, we are highly regulated (as many others), yet the quality of our work depends on judgement and integrity - or put in another way, on the people who perform the task."

Pia Lillebæk
Managing partner, Mazars in Danmark

For more information read the article in the magazine "Mit Østerbro".