October – Why is sustainability important to us?

In the previous months’ stories, we have addressed the SDGs, which Mazars has committed to. Now it is time to hear from our employees, what they find important in relation to sustainability and Mazars. Our employees are our main asset, and their visions and ideas are crucial for our sustainable journey. In the following we have interviewed four colleagues on their very interesting inputs.

Mads Søttrup Bauerfeind, Junior assistant

I associate sustainability with responsibility, collaboration, and innovation. I think it is important that we take responsibility for our environmental footprint on earth. We have a responsibility to pass on a healthy and functional world to the next generation. That is why it is important that we work together across borders to find a more responsible way of living where we do not affect the environment more than necessary.

I believe that the SDG no. 12 "Responsible consumption and production" is one of the strongest SDGs. It is very tangible for most people - we can all contribute to everyday life when we shop and throw out/recycle. Personally, I focus on buying organic Danish products and would like to buy locally, if possible. I believe that we should be prepared to buy seasonal goods and not to buy imported goods. Together we can reduce the environmental impact of transport, which is responsible for one of the biggest environmental CO2 emission.

We do not own a car ourselves, which is because we do not have the need. My bike is my primary mode of transport, which I always use to and from work, in all kinds of weather.

Personally, I do not feel that I am making a big difference right now. On the contrary, I am ready for change and hope to be able to contribute more in the future. I am proud to be a part of Mazars and look forward to seeing the development that we will create in Mazars both in Denmark and internationally.

Karen Solórzano Arriechi, Audit senior

I have had the privilege of seeing face to face the measures that different countries take to counteract damage to the environment. I am pleased to be in a place like Denmark where sustainability and especially the SDG no. 13 “Climate action” are an essential part of their agenda, and especially to be part of the Mazars family where they take sustainability seriously in all their actions.

The climate actions that Mazars are taking at a regional level and especially in Denmark, include; starting to measure KPIs to track our CO2 emissions, set goals, evaluate, and consider sustainability in everything that we do is appealing to me.

Although sometimes we do not consider daily actions important, these are the ones that accumulate and make the difference and the changes en masse.

Anyone visiting the country for the first time will surely be shocked when observing that the primary transport is the bicycle, which we know reduces pollution and environmental impact compared to those places where the primary transportation is the car. This has not been foreign to me; although my ability to use the bicycle is limited, I am fortunate to live 1.6 kilometres from the office to avoid using public transport or the car; I walk that distance every day.

In the same way, the recycling and garbage classification measures in buildings and most offices around here are strict, making recycling part of our daily routine and is already a spontaneous act.

I believe that there are no insignificant measures but that everything adds up and helps to take action against climate change, and it makes me happy to be able to contribute.

Baraa Bdair, Assistant

Sustainable development is securing our future, and therefore we must take responsibility for the outcome of our actions and decisions. Sustainability is a broad concept and covers everything from the environment to economic and social dimensions.

All Mazars’ SDGs are interesting and relevant – if I had to pick one out, I would go with SDG no.9 “Industry, innovation and infrastructure” as this especially is relevant post Covid-19 pandemic. We all witnessed the difficulties the third world countries were facing both in regards of missing resources and poor infrastructure. We could help the less developed countries improve their technology and support their innovation, so that they, in time, could develop and secure sustainable development.

Charlotte Phipps, Manager

When asked to reflect on a SDG that Mazars in Denmark has committed to in 2021, SDG no. 5 ”Gender equality” came to mind. 

For me sustainability equates to ample opportunities and freedom of choice for the next generation. In my opinion it is a task for today’s labour force to ensure women are represented equally in leadership roles and management, so that we have ‘a seat at the table’. This ensures the next generation recognises the opportunities available to them so that they seek to obtain those roles in the future.

In recent weeks on social media I have seen a lot of posts of #thislittlegirlisme; a way to highlight personal stories of development from young girls into formidable women, including stories of growth and strength, sometimes in the face of adversity. These are not just concerning business but also on a personal level or even referring to time at school, these posts encourage girls to be proud of their unique selves, which I found to be heart warming and inspiring. Campaigns like these are a great way to encourage the younger generation to dream big and reinforce that anything is possible, no matter your gender or place in society. This is an important point; equality across all aspects of society is key to a sustainable environment.

It is no surprise to me that Mazars in Denmark is championing gender equality, as it is the foundation of the team here in Copenhagen and one of the many reasons I am proud to work here.

*   *   *

We find the stories from our colleagues very inspiring and hope that you as well can recognise their motivation and reflections. A goal is to ensure a sustainable awareness at Mazars in Denmark and a joint consideration for the future generations. We do this by having a diverse and social workplace that cares by showing responsibility and take actions, which everyone can be proud of.

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