February - Ann Lund Wahlberg

We are all unique! During February, we are focusing on people, especially young girls, who today experience a lot of pressure in society. Ann Lund Wahlberg focuses on this in her new book "Min hemmelige bog / Uniq ArtBook"

Sustainability can be much more than air travel, CO2 and plastic consumption. Implementing sustainability is thinking long term. Humans and thus employees are the most important asset today (human capital) at a time when everyone is investing in technology. If you are comfortable with yourself on an early age, you can easily find your purpose in life.

This is the main subject of Ann Lund Wahlberg's book. To help young girls see how unique they are, just as they are! It can be difficult in a world where things are moving quickly and where we are surrounded by perfect Instagram pages, models and influencers. But we are all completely OK just as we are, each of us, and we all have talents, even if we are not perfect. Many young people just need a little help and the right tools to find what they are good at, and practice it.

Ann Lund Wahlberg herself has been paralyzed from the neck down since she was born and has been in a wheelchair all her life. Still, she moves with ease through life. Ever since childhood, Ann has used her mouth when drawing and painting. With an almost therapeutic approach to her own limitations, her favorite images quickly became something of a movement; children who skipped, did gymnastics or danced. Ann is in many ways a great role model.


One of the main messages Ann Lund Wahlberg wants to focus on is that we all have special abilities and something each of us are good at. It is important that we recognize our abilities so that we can do something good for ourselves, others and the world.

By using the book, girls in a creative way have the opportunity to reflect on their own abilities, relationships, use of social media, the climate, and how to make a difference in the world as a young person. The girls write about their friends, family, their favorite things and activities, their dreams, what makes them scared and much more. They are given time for contemplation and reflection, and can choose whether to write, draw or take pictures.

”Believe in yourself and do what you are good at – you can do it!” – Ann Lund Wahlberg

In addition to the book, pencils are included, SPROUT. When the pencils are totally used and finished, they can be planted in a po of soil. Each pencil contains a small seed, so you can grow your own CHERRY TOMATOES or DAISIES!

For more information please visit the website here. Here you can also place an order for the book.

You can also visit Ann Lund Wahlberg’s website here.

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