December - Christmas aid

December is synonymous with Christmas food, gifts and coziness. Unfortunately, Christmas is also a time that is not easy for everyone in our society. Therefore, Christmas is the perfect time to focus on charity and the Salvation Army's annual Christmas aid is of great importance to many people at this time. The December story highlights the organisation's great work.

The Salvation Army has been providing Christmas aid to vulnerable families for over 100 years. Every year, more than 10,000 vulnerable families apply and the Salvation Army helps 8,000 - 9,000 families a year with Christmas aid.

Too many Danes are not as safe and well as you and I. Many fear more than just Covid-19. They have been nervous for months just at the thought of having to celebrate Christmas. Christmas should be a party, but for many families it is time of worry.

Everyone has the right to have a real Christmas! But what do you do if you cannot give your children what they, and everyone else, expects?

The intention of the Salvation Army's Christmas aid is quite simple: No one should sit with an empty plate on Christmas Eve! Families are used to having to cancel everything for the rest of the year, but no one should have to cancel Christmas.

Through the Christmas aid, children from vulnerable families get the opportunity to experience a Christmas similar to their peers, so they can share their experiences of Christmas food and gifts, in school, when the Christmas holidays are over. The Christmas experience strengthens the self-esteem of the children and creates a feeling of being part of the community.

”I'm moved to tears. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help and consideration, you have no idea how much joy you give my children, and I. Now we can have a Christmas where the worries are put away. And there will be room for me to give my children some experiences that I have not been able to otherwise.  I am deeply grateful - Ann-Sophie”

“We are a small, newly reunited family, which next Christmas is probably far better off than this year. Your help yesterday means a lot to us and we were all three touched and very grateful when we left you. You may never be discouraged and think you are not making a difference. Thanks. The warmest Christmas greetings from Karen”

The message of Christmas is that a candle was lit in the dark. It is a message of hope, joy and fellowship. The Salvation Army wants to share that message with Denmark's vulnerable families.

The Christmas aid often becomes the first contact and catalyst for further presence / cooperation between the Salvation Army and vulnerable families. Therefore, Christmas aid is important because it becomes a first contact in a process that can hopefully lead to increased quality of life and a more sustainable life.

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