April - Together in caring separately

These months, we have a strong focus on ensuring a sustainable health care system. More than ever, we have become aware of what sustainability means.

A solid foundation, a purpose, an agile strategy, capacity and supply of resources, determined, opt-out and options, and not least that it is about ´others´ more than it is about ´yourself´.

In Denmark, we are grateful for the foundation of knowledge, capacity and our societal model, which are the basis of a good starting point. We are involved in the strategy and we are informed about the purpose of avoiding an overloaded health care system. We must keep a physical distance to each other, not only in Denmark, but to each other globally. We all experience the consequences; such as cancellation of a dream trip, delay in education, significant change in all families everyday lives, people losing their jobs, businesses closing down, increase in violence, anxiety of disease or losing one you love.

But, when keeping the distance together, we also see other sides of ourselves and each other. Out of the darkness ideas, creativity, initiative, willpower, and consideration are sprouting – all that change our way of acting. Like more Danish music on the radio, singalong events from open windows and on balconies, shopping for your neighbor, buying locally, opening of web-shops, rescheduled production, reallocation of tasks or funds. We all want to contribute.

To ensure a sustainable health care system, it is essential that all actors cooperate. We must listen to our talented professionals, follow the instructions of the authorities and support the political decisions. But for all to succeed, then our - you and I - actions are crucial to the outcome. Perhaps, the words of the health care authorities are a fine way for us all to remind us of the preconditions for sustainability;

”How you act now makes a difference”